Publication: Conflict and Risk (Traditional Chinese edition)
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Rev. Dr. Joshua C. Lam, LLM, ThM, DMin
Languages: English, Cantonese, Mandarin
Executive Director, Access Agree
Advisory Pastor, Care & Support Fellowship Christian Church
Pastor, Faith Community Bible Church
FMR Adjunct Professor, Biblical Seminary of the Philippines
FMR Adjunct Professor, Grace Bible College in the Philippines
FMR Ontario Attorney General Appointed Roster Mediator
FMR Superior Court of Justice Mediator, Toronto, Ontario
FMR Principal of Canada Arbitrator and Mediator Inc
FMR Dr. Richard R. Lin's student (Voice and conducting)
Phone, Text, WhatsApp: 416-230-4180

Wedding ceremony, Groom and bride
Over the years, Dr. Lam officiates wedding ceremonies in Mandarin, Cantonese, and English. As requested by groom and bride, he also provides harmonious life courses according to their needs. Inquiries from groom and bride-to-be are welcome.

Happy home, Harmonious living
Over the years, Dr. Lam provides mediation to families in conflicts, showing them the way to harmonious living. From Toronto to Newmarket, he had directly helped over 2000 families. Inquiries from couples, parents, and children are welcome.

Pastor devotion, Ministry challenges
Rev. Dr. Lam is Pastor of Faith Community Bible Church in Toronto. In the past, he had served as Senior Pastor of two Chinese churches. One church which had over 300 members used English and Amoy/Mandarin. The other church with over 500 members used Cantonese, English, and Mandarin. Over the years, pastors and ministerial workers from other churches had consulted with him on how to resolve church conflicts and conflicts in family and marriages. Inquiries from pastors and ministerial workers are welcome.

Co-work to resolve conflicts, Collaborate to build harmony
Rev. Dr. Lam had taught courses at Biblical Seminary of the Philippines and Grace Bible College. He welcomes Seminaries, Chinese churches, mission organizations, counselling organizations, community centres, etc, to jointly hold seminar and teach courses on Conflict and Harmony. He had been invited to provide training or give talks by various organizations and member churches of a number of denominations, including Living Water Counselling Centre、Golden Age Centre, (RHCCC)、The Associated Gospel Churches of Canada (AGC)、The Association of Chinese Evangelical Ministries (ACEM) 、The Canadian Baptists of Ontario and Quebec (CBOQ)、The Alliance Canada、The Evangelical Free Church of Canada (EFCC)、The Fellowship Baptist Church Canada、The Methodist Canada、and some Independent churches.

Planting new churches, Managing conflict risks
While serving as Senior Pastor of Chinese Gospel Churches in Toronto, Rev. Lam led the church to launch the planting of two churches: (1) Agape Gospel Church (1989), and (2) Grace Chinese Gospel Church of North York (1990). Then, in order to grow and widen his Biblical counselling ministry outreach into various communities, Rev. Lam planted a 3rd church in the city of Scarborough in 1992 which is called Faith Community Bible Church. In total, Rev. Lam led the launch of planting 3 new churches. In addition, while serving as Senior Pastor at Grace Gospel Church in Manila, Philippines, he started the English Congregation and ministry (1981). And while in Toronto, serving as the Senior Pastor of Chinese Gospel Church in Toronto, he started the Mandarin Congregation and ministry in the downtown main church (1990). In 2013, Rev. and Mrs. Lam received an invitation to attend the 50th Anniversary celebration of Chinese Gospel Church in Toronto and to share his vision of church planting during the time when he was the Senior Pastor of the church. Going into communities to bring souls to Christ and planting new churches is the calling of a pastor. Helping people to resolve conflicts in marriage, family, and church in order to live in harmony is important in pastoral shepherding. Rev. Lam recommends the combined use of three methods in helping people resolve conflicts. The three methods are Biblical counselling, Biblical mediation, and Biblical arbitration. Such combination of the three methods provides options, flexibility, better result, and enable better risk management. The critical step of any church planting is the building and training of the launch team. Rev. Lam welcomes churches in the planning stage of church planting, in the early stage of actual church planting, or churches which plan to expand its ministry after the pandemic to contact him for church planting consulting partnership.

About Rev. Dr. Joshua C. Lam
LLM, ThM, DMin
Executive Director, Access Agree
Advisory Pastor, Care & Support Fellowship Christian Church
Pastor, Faith Community Bible Church
FMR Adjunct Professor, Biblical Seminary of the Philippines
FMR Adjunct Professor, Grace Bible College in the Philippines
FMR Ontario Attorney General Appointed Roster Mediator
FMR Superior Court of Justice Mediator, Toronto, Ontario
FMR Principal of Canada Arbitrator and Mediator Inc
FMR Dr. Richard R. Lin's student (Voice and conducting)

LLM in Dispute Resolution: Osgoode Hall Law School, York University, Canada
Graduation ceremony, see 1:23:48 Joshua Chee-Ning Lam
Cert. in Mediation & Negotiation: Harvard Law School, Harvard University, USA
Cert. in The Adjudication for Administrative Agencies, Boards, and Tribunals: Society of Ontario Adjudicators and Regulators (SOAR) and Osgoode Hall Law School, York University, Canada
Cert. in Comprehensive Arbitration: ADR Institute of Ontario, Canada
Cert. in Advanced Family Mediation: University of Waterloo, Canada
DMin (Postmodern Generations): Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, USA
ThM (Social Theology): University of Toronto, Canada
MDiv: Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary, USA
ThB (Theology): Singapore Bible College, Singapore

Rev. Dr. Lam has over 20 years of extensive mediation experience, and 40 years of church pastoral experience. Dr. Lam was FMR Ontario Attorney General appointed Mediator and became the only Chinese Mediator (during the time when he was on the Roster) to be listed on the Toronto Roster OMMP. The Attorney General assigned Superior Court of Justice cases for him to mediate. He was also the FMR Principal of Canada Arbitrator and Mediator Inc. The first church he served at was Grace Baptist Church (GBC) in Singapore. Immediately after he had earned the ThB degree (English Department), he was invited by the late Rev. Dr. Ernest Poulson, Dean of the English Department of Singapore Bible College to serve as an Intern at GBC. He was given the duty to start a new Mandarin worship service and train leaders for the service.
He had served at churches in Southeast Asia, USA, and Canada which spoke Mandarin/Amoy, Cantonese, English and used Chinese and English. Over the years, Rev. Lam brought many to Christ and helped many believers and non-believers alike to resolve conflicts and live harmonious life. At various occasions, Dr. Lam was invited to speak on and analyse effective methods, theories, and skills in conflict resolutions, including speeches given at Richmond Hill Christian Community Church in Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada. In total, attendance of people was over several thousand. This is one of the talks (in Cantonese)
In 1978, the Chairperson of the Elder Board of Grace Gospel Church, the late Elder and Mrs. Henry Co visited Dr. and Mrs. Lam in San Francisco, US and invited Dr. Lam to serve as Senior Pastor of Grace Gospel Church and Pastor of Grace Christian Mission. Grace Christian Mission was founded by the late Rev. Mark Kor Cheng. Rev. Cheng was the General Director of Chinese Christion Mission in USA. Dr. Lam went with missionaries to spread the gospel in various locations. During Dr. Lam’s time, Grace Christian Mission supported 50 full time missionaries in various countries and locations.
Dr. Lam was also Senior Pastor of the 500-member Chinese Gospel Church which has three congregations, Cantonese, English, and Mandarin. During his time, he led the church to plant two new churches, one used Cantonese at the beginning (Grace Chinese Gospel Church of North York) and the other used English at the beginning (Agape Gospel Church of Toronto). In addition, he led the church to start the Mandarin congregation in the downtown mother church.
Rev. Lam was the secretary (volunteer) of the Toronto Mandarin Revival Meeting steering committee of the Toronto Chinese Evangelical Ministerial Fellowship. At the Revival Meeting service, he also conducted the choir. Members in the choir were all local Chinese pastors. Rev. Lam was trained (conducting and voice) by the late Dr. Richard R. Lin in San Francisco, USA. Dr. Lin was a distinguished Chinese Christian Conductor & Musician.

On July 24, 2014, Dr. Lam was invited for a radio interview by A1 AM1540. He was asked to respond to the Executive Summary prepared by The Honourable Frank Iacobucci, a retired Canada Supreme Court Justice on Police Encounters with People in Crisis about the shooting death of the 18-year-old Sammy Yatim in an empty TTC street car in the evening of July 27, 2013.
The interview was published the next day on July 25, 2014 in the Main News Section of Singtao Daily, a local Chinese newspaper.
He was invited to publish 12 articles on conflict resolution (10 articles) and municipal election (2 articles) in 2010 by Daily News, a local Chinese newspaper in Toronto (now known as Toronto Commercial News)
He was invited by Fairchild TV in Richmond Hill, ON, for an interview (Cantonese) on family mediation issues. The interview was aired on the Leisure Talk Show on October 7, 2014 and uploaded to YouTube.